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Не съм се подвизавал във форума от доста време, но въпреки това бих се радвал отново на вашата подкрепа и съдействие, като тествате, коментирате и дадете оценка / ревю на новия плъгин, който разработваме със Станил Добрев -


На кратко: По наше скромно мнение, това е най-добрия и функционален плъгин, който автоматизира работата ви със социалните мрежи (а както може би се сещате, голям процент от трафика към вашия сайт идва точно от там). С няколко клика на мишката може да свършите работа, която иначе би ви струвала дълги часове работа (знам го от личен опит!)

А ето и на дълго:

Social Time Master is a unique social autoposter that lets you schedule hundreds of social posts with a few clicks of the mouse and preview the posts visually, using a powerful, and easy to use Timeline Interface.
It's the new power tool in social media.

Here's a typical user comment:
"I have used a whole range of products in social media we run a business called social media executive and have issues with a great deal of products and services - but this (Social Time Master) I think will really solve those problems." (B. Tiwana)

Plugin Features


§  Flexible and easy to use Visual Timeline - the most easy way to preview your social posts.

§  Post to unlimited social accounts. Currently supported are Twitter, Facebook Accounts, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Tumblr.

§  Unlimited sharing variations for each blog post - you can have multiple sharing details for each blog post - title, description, image and even unique URL. This will let you share the same post many times, but you can also use it to split-test multiple titles and images and see which ones bring more traffic.

§  The plugin will add Twitter Cards and Facebook Meta Tags to your web pages to guarantee proper formatting when the posts are shared on the social sites.

§  Bit.ly integration and click stats. From one location you can see how many clicks each social post received.

§  Import posts from RSS feed. You can mix the content you're posting with external sources and blogs (yours or not).

§  Bulk import URLs. Just provide a list of URLs and the plugin will extract all the data and will schedule the social posts.

§  Template-based scheduling - you can schedule hundreds of shares for every blog post with just 3 clicks of the mouse.

§  Post log and history. You have a full list with all the social posts made, including click stats and links to the live posts on the social sites.

§  And many many more...


Supported Social Accounts

The plugin auto-posts to the following accounts
/multiple accounts of the same type, without any limits/

We are working to integrate G+ and Pinterest and they will become available in the next version.


The Power Of Variations

Not only multiple sharing options, but also a split test system

With Social Time Master you have multiple variations for the social posts. The plugin will create a unique URL for every variation and will set different meta data for the social media to read. This gives you the power to share the same blog post in multiple variations with different title, image and description. Here on the right you will see a real example for one of our blog posts. The image includes 4 screenshots I took from one of my Facebook accounts where I have shared 4 variations of one of the blog posts. It's hard to guess that all these point to the same blog post, right?

So why this is so powerful:
- first you have multiple sharing options without being annoying whit one and the same social post;
- you can post in different times of the day to reach different groups of your audience;
- you get higher chance to get it reposted;
- you can split test your social posts and find which one of the variations attracts the most clicks. You know that sometimes changing just the image may increase the click ration by 800%. By using these split tests and checking the click stats you will soon start getting sense of what works best for your audience.

The Power Of Templates

A real life example - how we schedule 138 social shares with a single click

Social Time Master is using templates for fast and easy scheduling. Here I will show you one of my most favourite templates and will explain how you can use it to schedule your social posts.
This template is posting across 5 social accounts - Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook account and Facebook page. It is using 4 variations (1 original + 3 additional) for the posts and it schedules the sharing for a full year ahead.

Do not be scared... it may seem complex, but it's pretty simple and it takes few minutes to create a template like that. But once you do that, it will save you tens of hours when you schedule your social posts.

I'm going to explain exactly how the social posts will go out when we are using this template:

1.     "Schedule 1" - With the first task ("Schedule 1") we set 4 posts to be posted to my Tumblr account, one post every 78 hours, using [ROTATE] for variations, which means it will use different variation each time, going through all the 4 we have. Why we are using 78 hours and not 72 (or 3 days)? We are doing that to make the posts go out at different time of the day. So if the first post is published today at 4 a.m., the second one will be posted in 3 days at 10 a.m. and so on. Let's call it "displacement by 6 hours".
Total for this task: 4 shares

2.     "Schedule 2" - 4 posts (using the 4 different variations) will be posted to my Twitter account every 6 hours in the first day after the blog post is published.
Total for this task: 4 shares

3.     "Schedule 3" - 4 posts (using the 4 different variations) will be posted to my Facebook account every 78 hours (see 1. for explanation why it is 78 hours).
Total for this task: 4 shares

4.     "Schedule 4" - 4 posts (using the 4 different variations) will be posted to my LinkedIn account every 30 hours.
Total for this task: 4 shares

5.     "Schedule 5" - Same like 3. above, but for my Facebook page.
Total for this task: 4 shares

6.     "Schedule 6" - Starting 2 days after the blog post is published it will make 4 posts (one every 30 hours) to my Twitter account.
Total for this task: 4 shares

7.     "Schedule 7" - Starting 7 days after the blog post is published it will post 50 tweets (one tweet every week, 6 hours displacement) to my Twitter account.
Total for this task: 51 shares

8.     "Schedule 8" - Starting 7 days after the blog post is published it will post 20 times to my Facebook account (one post every 2 weeks, 6 hours displacement).
Total for this task: 21 shares

9.     "Schedule 9" - Similar to 8., but for my Facebook page.
Total for this task: 21 shares

10.  "Schedule 10" - Similar to 9., but for my LinkedIn account.
Total for this task: 21 shares

Total for this template: 138 shares

138 shares may seem a lot, but actually it's not that much, because we are posting across 5 accounts for a full year ahead. You see that after the first few days it will post just once in a week or once in 2 weeks to one social account. With that big intervals between posting and with the 4 variations we have, nobody will ever notice that you're posting the same blog post many times.
Now when we have this template it is a matter of one click to schedule every blog post to be shared 138 times. But you're not limited to use only templates. You have the option to manually schedule each blog post separately. And you can use different templates for different needs. For example if you're publishing news, then maybe you will use a template which will post 20 times in the first 2 days and no postings after that.
It's all up to you... use the templates without limits!

И така... Подкрепете българското :)




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