Foreigners in Telerik - show up!


Hi everyone! 

My name is Konstanty (read exactly: Константъ, no matter how strange you find it is), I'm foreigner living in Sofia. I came to Bulgaria, found here a job and I took intensive Bulgarian language classes just because of Telerik. I mean - job wasn't the prime and even secondary terget. I left everything back in home and decided to study here. Hint: you can easily answer to me or speak to me in Bulgarian. I just decided to write on this forum in English to avoid misunderstanding (yup, it happens very often that I'm using some Bulgarian words wrongly :) ).

But, anyway, to the topic: 

I wonder, are there any other expats learning in Telerik? Please, show up! It would be nice to meet once! :)


Good luck, mate! If you need something, just ask! Where are you from? :)

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Thanks, buddy! I'm from Poland :) 

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Ali is also a foreigner. Contact him so you can help each other.

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