Topic of yesterday's workshops hasn't been started here. I've noticed that lot of you folks had problems with passing mocha tests. As you propably know, the tests were defected at several points. 

I would like to post here some hints for those, who haven't figured it out yet - I think it might be useful. 


1. First, most obvious problem is in arguments passed to Video constructor in test. Value passed for imdbRating is 42 when max what validation allows is 5. Changing 42 to 2 solves problem with Video initialization. 

2. Second, line 34 and 35 in test:

const items = Array.from({ length: 100 })
.map((_, i) => result.getAudio('Title', 'Author', i ));

i index starts from 0 when min what valitation allows as Audio.length is 1. Changing i to i+1 solves problem.

After changing these two bugs and if you have all tasks completed correctly - you should pass all mocha tests for Audio Player workshop task :)