[C#] Домашно Strings and Text Processing - 4 задача


Условие: Write a program that finds how many times a substring is contained in a given text (perform case insensitive search).

Example: The target substring is "in". The text is as follows:

We are living in an yellow submarine. We don't have anything else. Inside the submarine is very tight. So we are drinking all the day. We will move out of it in 5 days.

The result is: 9.


Обяснение: Използваме Matches.Count, с флаг IgnoreCase.


Защо като задам да търси Substring-а "th" ги брои 3? Аз виждам 2. Пробвах се да игнорирам празните символи и пак брои 3.

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Защото са 3:
1) anything 2) the 3) the

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:) Да, на хилядното преглеждане ги видях.

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