Telerik Grid Sorting Functionality not stable for Column(MultiLine Text)




In my page I have used telerik grid with sorting functionality. In that I have a many columns with different datatype(Single, multiline, date, etc..)
I have a bulk of data, which I have updated day to day. In that grid, the sorting functionality is working fine for all types of columns but the column (Description) which has multiline text does not sort stable.
Example: Some data starts with number(1, 2 , ..) and Character(A, B, C, ..) and Special Character with/without number/character(1\2 , 1#, 1 D, etc..)
The sorting functionality is working fine for contents starts with both number and Character.(i.e  0, 1, 2, ...,9, A, B, C,... Z)
But the contents starts with Special Character with/without number/character is does not sort stable.
Example: 0, 1, 10, A, B....Z, 1/2, 1#, 2 D, A, B, ..Z(i.e its having two manner of sorting..


Pls can Anyone Help me???




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You should ask your question on the official forum here -


This is a forum for the Telerik Academy.

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yeah thanks.. I have posted there also..

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